I teach courses on public law, constitutionalism, the regulatory state, economic policy, and democratic institutional design.

Constitutional law

First-year law school course covering the separation of powers, governmental structure, Fourteenth Amendment, and individual rights.  The course also highlights the interactions between constitutional law doctrine, public policy, social movements, and social change.  

administrative law

Upper-level law school course on the law, politics, and practice of federal regulatory agencies.  The course covers legal doctrines such as agency structure and powers, procedural requirements, and judicial review of agency law and policy. The course also highlights the importance of federal agencies in developing public policy, and the ways in which law, politics, civil society, and regulators interact. 

Law, inequality, and public policy

Law constructs systemic economic inequality in how is structures modern work, urban geography, and market dynamics. How might we leverage legal and public policy tools to counteract economic inequality?  The course highlights how social movements and innovative policymakers operating within regulatory, legislative, or municipal arenas are attempting to tackle these structural inequalities.