Ideas into action

I help policymakers, foundations, and social change practitioners develop mission-driven strategies for advancing progressive values through public policy, advocacy, and research. 


Some recent projects

Hewlett Foundation - "Beyond Neoliberalism" Project (link)

In 2017, I worked with the Hewlett Foundation to develop a strategy for shifting the underlying ideas that produce "neoliberal" economic policy and political discourse. 

Democracy Fund - learning retreat

In the summer of 2017, I designed a learning retreat for the Democracy Fund focusing on the theme of "Technology and Democracy". 

REdesigning social policy (link)

In 2016, I designed and facilitated a workshop with the New America Family Centered Social Policy program, to help inform a rethink of how social policy can be transformed to address structural economic inequalities, and to do so in a more participatory, community-driven way. 

Gettysburg Project on civic engagement (link)

From 2013-16, working with a team of academics, funders, and practitioners, we designed a series of convenings to help community organizers develop long-term strategies for expanding democratic participation and redressing structural inequalities.  

Inclusive Economic Development in NYC (link)

From 2015-16 I worked with officials in NYC City Hall across a variety of agencies to develop a common framework for promoting equitable economic growth.  See some of our work in the #OneNYC plan.