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The Way Forward for Progressives

The New Republic, November 2, 2016

There is no going back to business as usual once the 2016 election is over. Here’s what a transformative progressivism looks like.


Challenging the New Curse of Bigness

The American Prospect, Fall 2016

Most of today's economic inequities call for antitrust remedies from the Progressive Era--if we just got serious about enforcement.


Economics of Power

Pacific Standard; New America Weekly Wonk, April 2016

Increasing economic inequality is not just about the changes in the workforce. It’s also about a shift in the balance of power in the economy.


The Key to Making Economic Development More Equitable Is Making It More Democratic

The Nation, April 2016

How Oakland and other cities are pioneering more inclusive modes of designing and governing urban development projects--and what it means for the battle to overcome economic inequality and segregation in cities today. 


What Clinton and Sanders are really fighting about 

The Atlantic, February 2016

The debates between Clinton and Sanders over financial regulation is about more than the tension between pragmatism and idealism.  It also reflects a deeper divide within progressive politics over approaches to economic regulation more broadly. 


How To Revive Progressive-Era Economics for the New Gilded Age

The Nation, July 2015

How do we fight concentrations of private corporate power? By studying how they did it last time.


Curbing the New Corporate Power

Boston Review, May/June 2015

From Uber to Amazon to Comcast, today's internet economy has created new corporate giants.  How should we regulate these new forms of corporate power? Looking back to the Progressive Era ideas of public utility, this essay suggests how we might think about these corporate giants and oversee their role in the modern economy.


Fighting Inequality in the New Gilded Age

Boston Review, September 2015

Book review of White Collar Government: The Hidden Role of Class in Economic Policy Making by Nicholas Carnes (University of Chicago Press), The Promise of Participation: Experiments in Participatory Governance in Honduras and Guatemala, by Daniel Altschuler and Javier Corrales (Palgrave Macmillan), and Making Democracy Fun: How Game Design Can Empower Citizens and Transform Politics, by Josh Lerner (MIT Press).


 Is Participatory Rule-Making Possible?

The Nation, March 2012

By giving people a direct voice in shaping regulations, we can make agencies more responsive and accountable, and give citizens a direct stake in policy-making.


The 99% Plan: Beyond the Free Market, March 2012

A special section of exploring a progressive response to the inequality crisis.  A progressive vision will require a more expansive, progressive conception of economic freedom.